Foundations in the Canton of Fribourg

According to the Foundation Report, 22’402 foundations are registered in the canton of Fribourg. Compared to the previous year, this is an increase of three foundations.

Foundations in Fribourg – Foundation Landscape on the Cultural Frontier

The canton of Fribourg is located in the Swiss Plateau and in the Swiss Pre-Alps. The eponymous city, Fribourg, is the capital and an important economic, educational and administrative center of bilingual Switzerland. Located on the cultural border between French-speaking and German-speaking Switzerland, the bilingual canton of Fribourg is an important place for cultural exchange and encounters. Many funding organizations and non-profit organizations are based in the city and canton of Fribourg or have an operational or funding function there. Active in a wide range of fields, nonprofit organizations contribute significantly to the cultural, social and societal prosperity of the canton.

You can read more about the special features of the foundation and funding landscape in the canton of Fribourg, the thematic priorities and how StiftungSchweiz makes it easier for project owners, grant giving foundations and private individuals to engage in charitable activities here.

The Foundation Landscape in the Canton of Fribourg & its Particularities

According to the foundation report 23 407 foundations are registered in the canton of Fribourg. Compared to the previous year, this represents growth of one foundation. Measured by the number of foundations per 10’000 inhabitants, Fribourg ranks among the lowest in Switzerland: with a foundation density of 12,2, the canton is rather sparsely populated in terms of foundations.

Social and political structures, educational and cultural institutions as well as historical and ecological circumstances are driving forces for many Fribourg funding organizations and also shape the thematic focus of charitable commitment in the canton. For example, there are several foundations that support scientific work and students at the University of Fribourg with scholarships and funds and are active in the fields of education or science, research, development.

Social issues, health and general charitable work are other topics that some funding organizations in Freiburg focus on. The fields of art and culture as well as politics, society or business complement the picture of a diverse and comprehensive foundation landscape in Fribourg.

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