Foundations in Northwestern Switzerland

The influence of Basel, a university city and a major metropolis, on the whole of Northwestern Switzerland can also be felt in the foundation sector. A significant focus of regional foundations is on education and research and development. Moreover, with 46 foundations per 10’000 inhabitants, Basel-Stadt is the canton with the highest density of foundations in the whole of Switzerland.

Foundations in Northwestern Switzerland: Philanthropy at the Jura

Around 600’000 people live in the greater region of Northwestern Switzerland, most of them in the Basel catchment area. Aargau, Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft were home to 1’706 grant giving organizations in 2022. As usual, the exact number of foundations is subject to fluctuations. The number of new foundations and the number of dissolved foundations in Northwestern Switzerland is balanced. With 46 foundations per 10’000 inhabitants, Basel-Stadt has by far the highest foundation density in Switzerland.

The search for funds, grants and foundations for a specific purpose usually begins in the immediate vicinity. Grant giving organizations often give preference to projects and eligible projects that are based in the same canton or in the greater region. Directly on site, supra-regionally or internationally: an up-to-date foundation register facilitates the funding process for all involved. If you would like to support a project or a foundation in Northwestern Switzerland, a foundation register or donation platform will provide you with information. The foundation directory brings together projects, foundations, supporters and volunteers, organised by topic and region.

Social Affairs, Education, Research & Development: Northwest Switzerland’s Foundation Landscape

The great influence of the university city of Basel on the whole of Northwestern Switzerland is also noticeable in the foundation sector. A significant focus of Northwestern Switzerland’s foundations is on education as well as research and development. Charitable purposes and aid for the needy as well as art and culture are further areas of a foundation landscape that is characterised by a high degree of diversity. In general, grant giving organizations and projects in all conceivable areas and directions can be found in the greater region of Northwestern Switzerland.

As a register of foundations, StiftungSchweiz efficiently brings together non-profit organizations and grant giving organizations. Digital tools such as the search function, filters, an interactive map and a clever matching system facilitate philanthropic action. Interested Swiss citizens can discover exciting initiatives worthy of support on Switzerland’s largest donation platform, which is also operated by Private individuals and companies who want to donate to charitable causes can get inspiration here, find out about projects and foundations and make contact directly via the platform.

For nonprofits: Collect donations online for your organization and projects or set up systematic digital fundraising.

Find Projects, Supporters & Foundations in Northwestern Switzerland

Pursuing a good cause requires the cooperation of different institutions and individuals. For non-profit organizations in fundraising, looking for sponsorship or funding opportunities for a charitable purpose, it is therefore not only important to find suitable foundations. A broad overview of the Swiss foundation landscape, news and developments within the foundation sector and networking are often the key to success. A platform like brings all these aspects together. The specific search for special topics and foundations as well as projects and initiatives eligible for funding is just as possible as gathering new impressions, making contacts and positioning oneself in the nonprofit sector.