StiftungSchweiz search and funding management

Managing and submitting applications has never been so easy

Foundation software for funding organizations and nonprofits: With StiftungSchweiz’s application and funding management software, you can start managing your organization digitally. Simplify the application process, leverage the potential of digitalization and make a greater impact.

Accept applications

As a funding organization, create an application form that meets the needs of your organization. Accept applications from nonprofits looking for funding directly on your organization profile.

  • Use the form template that corresponds to the typical funding processes or create a customized form – the choice is yours.
  • Complete the form to request items or documents required by your organization.
  • Benefit from the direct integration of the application form on your StiftungSchweiz profile and receive applications online.

Manage your requests

Collect your applications in one central location and benefit from numerous practical functions.

  • Control the application form on your organization profile with just one click. This allows you to decide for yourself when your organization is open for applications and when it is not.
  • Assign the appropriate status to the requests and thus create structure.
  • Maintain an overview by marking and filtering searches with individual tags. The tabs keep all searches manageable and in one place.

You can use the comprehensive application and funding management for funding organizations at the partner level for CHF 1,650 per year.

Process individual requests and share assessments with those responsible

We provide you with the necessary tools: evaluate, comment on and log incoming applications in the practical detailed view.

  • Study all information on applications: project duration, requested amount, request, details of the organization, etc.
  • Record the processing or discussion of the application in a journal.
  • Prioritize incoming requests with the upvote and downvote function.
  • Comment on requests and share your assessments and thoughts with your colleagues.
  • Share the account with several users in order to work together on processing the requests. This allows you to decide more quickly and efficiently which applications should be taken forward.

Collaborate in application management

Teamwork makes the dream work: Use clever functions to process applications collaboratively.

  • Create a private network to process the request with your colleagues. So you can find everything in one place and use it as an archive.
  • Comment, tag and prioritize requests to share your assessments with the team.
  • Open a shared network and invite the applicant organizations to exchange information about the request digitally. Create a space where you can have direct contact with project owners and record developments.
  • Export the requests to edit and discuss them offline or in other media.

Get started for free: As a non-profit organization, you can submit applications to participating Funders as early as the Free level.

Submit online applications as a nonprofit

Are you a nonprofit organization active on and have you found a potential funding partner? With the new application management system, you can submit applications online free of charge – without any detours.

  • Submit an application with just a few clicks, directly via the organizational portrait of the funding organization.
  • The application is based on your organizational and project portraits. Benefit from our templates and automated input.
  • The application wizard helps you to enter all the necessary information when submitting your application and thus increases your chances of being matched. You can get more support in the application workshop.
  • Manage your applications in one place and receive feedback online.

Frequently asked questions

As a non-profit organization, you can submit applications to participating funding organizations online and manage your submitted applications. The application is based on your organizational and project portrait. You therefore only supplement and do not have to start from scratch each time.

Application management for nonprofits is available from the Free level. This means that you can use it free of charge as a registered user.

As a funder, you have access to a comprehensive application and funding suite: you can submit funding applications, process and manage them with numerous tools and prepare decisions. For this reason, application and funding management for funders is only available from partner level for 1,650 per year.

Nonprofit users can submit applications and manage submitted applications.

Currently, only registered nonprofits can submit applications online. We are working on a solution for private individuals.

The application management is currently offered in three system languages: German, French and English. You can change the language in your account.