Corporate Philanthropy: Companies that do Good do Better

Large and small companies have the power to help – in social issues, environmental protection, culture and many other areas. With individual services for companies of all types and sizes, we pave the way for successful and meaningful corporate philanthropy. Do something good with your company – we will support you.


Diverse Philanthropy Solutions for your Business

Your charitable involvement is not only an act of community service, but also gives back to your company. You secure numerous benefits with our corporate philanthropy offer:

Engage Efficiently

Design your engagement efficiently and individually. Use our digital solutions to get involved as a company or to do good together with your customers and employees. The services are freely selectable and can be combined in any way.

Support Easily

Easily find your way through the thicket of the nonprofit sector: StiftungSchweiz helps you identify the right organizations and use donations to leverage your philanthropy.

Inspire Customers

Corporate philanthropy has an outward effect and shows that your company has a sustainable purpose and a charitable vision. This positively shapes the image of your company and strengthens customer loyalty.

Motivate Employees

Your employees appreciate it when your company engages in philanthropy. Corporate philanthropy creates meaning, motivates your employees and promotes identification with the company. Last but not least, this also strengthens your employer brand.

Find out now in a consultation how you can do good as a company

Our Services at a Glance

Our corporate philanthropy services can be precisely tailored to your company. Would you simply like to make a corporate donation to selected organizations? Or combine donation vouchers for your employees with a matching donation? We make it possible – the individual functions can be freely combined. And of course, you will receive a donation certificate from StiftungSchweiz for your donations, which you can use to show your philanthropic commitment.

As a company, promote an organization directly or name a subject area in which you would like to become active and we will provide you with a suitable selection of organizations. We support you in the entire donation process, so your effort remains low and the processing is transparent.

This is how it works:

  • From over 5’000 organizations and projects, we compile those that you could support – reviewed and sorted by specific topics if desired. Or you can select organizations and projects yourself that you would like to support.
  • We ensure a secure and AMLA-compliant payment processing as well as a donation receipt, bundled on request.
  • With numerous evaluations, we offer a transparent overview.
  • You save time and administrative effort and can still sponsor efficiently.

Your benefits: you choose the projects and organizations that match your strategy and support them according to your schedule and budget. We will take care of the verification and processing so that you do not have any additional work.

Give your customers or employees the gift of making a difference. Support and rejoice – without much effort on your part.

This is how it works:

  • You determine the budget of the initiative, the number of donation vouchers and their value.
  • You make a pre-selection of organizations, projects or topics or leave the selection entirely up to the recipient.
  • The recipients will get an email, a card or a small gift from you with an individual voucher code (QR code also possible).
  • The recipients choose who they would like to donate to on a campaign page set up especially for your company.
  • We ensure secure and AMLA-compliant payment processing.
  • After the voucher campaign has expired, you will receive an evaluation with a transparent overview.

Your benefits: you get involved and share your commitment with your customers and/or employees. In this way, you strengthen your image as a brand or employer and create a positive and sustainable relationship with the gift recipients.

We will provide your company with a selection of organizations according to your needs or preferences. Your company communicates the donation campaign and encourages customers and employees to donate. We provide a simple donation tool that can be integrated on a personalized microsite, on the corporate website, on a letter (via QR code) or in an email.

This is how it works:

  • You designate the organizations or projects you wish to support.
  • Together we will build your own campaign page, with your design and message.
  • You communicate the campaign and invite your customers or employees to donate.
  • If you wish, you can enhance each donation made with an additional donation of your own.
  • Your customers or employees can easily donate on the website and receive a donation receipt.
  • We ensure secure and AMLA-compliant payment processing and you receive a transparent report on the campaign.

Your benefits: you empower your customers and employees to do good by offering a simple and secure donation option. In this way, you strengthen your image as a brand or employer and create a positive and sustainable relationship with the gift recipients.

Achieve more together: with a matching donation, you motivate customers or employees to participate in your fundraising campaign and thus strengthen the impact of your philanthropy. We provide a simple donation tool for the implementation. This can be easily combined with the fundraising campaign.

This is how it works:

  • You choose the organizations or projects you would like to support.
  • You set the budget and the time period of the fundraiser.
  • Together we will create your own campaign page, with your design and individual message.
  • You invite people to donate with your own communication campaign.
  • Participants can easily donate and receive a donation receipt.
  • Donations and doubling amount will be updated regularly until your pre-defined budget is reached.
  • We ensure secure and AMLA-compliant payment processing and you receive a transparent report on the campaign.

Your benefits: you can communicate your commitment to raise awareness for your corporate philanthropy. This way you will help the beneficiary organizations to receive even more donations. And you strengthen your company’s reputation at the same time.

Do you have a special fundraiser planned or another idea of how you would like to get involved? StiftungSchweiz supports you in developing a customized commitment.


Digitally and easily: gift a Christmas donation

Read in our Case Study how Zürcher Kantonalbank broke new ground in corporate philanthropy with a StiftungSchweiz donation voucher campaign.

More Features

In addition to Corporate Philanthropy Services specifically for businesses, you will have access to the following features:

  • Knowledge-Hub: Here you will find valuable knowledge and exciting insights on all aspects of philanthropy. Information on impact measurement is included as well as legal basics and expert interviews on central topics.
  • The Philanthropist: Subscribe to StiftungSchweiz ‘s independent magazine, which is published four times a year in print and online. Carefully researched reports, exciting interviews, commentaries by proven experts, as well as a guide and versatile short news items make for reading that is as entertaining as it is informative. In addition, the newsletter “The Philanthropist briefing” is published once a week with brief and up-to-date reporting from the nonprofit sector.

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