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Acquire philanthropy knowledge in webinars, workshops and bootcamps

The right format for everyone: opt for a compact webinar, a three-hour essential workshop, a one-day boot camp or a learning journey lasting several days. Deepen your knowledge in your preferred learning format on a philanthropic topic of your choice. The range of topics is wide: from crowdfunding and fundraising to artificial intelligence and compliance. Step by step to more expertise.


Valuable learning nuggets: In the webinars, you will receive 30 to 60 minutes of input that will give you a compact insight into the respective topic. Let internal experts or experts from the industry provide you with specific knowledge that offers you direct added value. Most webinars are free of charge for registered users of stiftungschweiz.ch.

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Discover fundamental knowledge in our Essential webinars. The Essentials are 45-minute webinars that are available free of charge for users at Starter level and above. The Essentials are held in small groups and allow you to quickly familiarize yourself with a topic and learn the essential basics. Ideal for anyone who wants to build up important knowledge in their specialist field.

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Take part in an intensive one-day workshop that offers you comprehensive insights into a specific topic. Through case studies and room for questions, you not only gain an overview in the bootcamps, but can also further develop your own ideas and approaches. Ideal for all those who want to familiarize themselves deeply with a subject area and play an active role in shaping it.

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Experience a five-day journey into the subject close to your heart. The Journeys consist of a series of 5 boot camps over several months. Deepen your knowledge through practical use cases and contribute your own examples. Network with like-minded people to learn together and drive the topic forward in the sector. Ideal for anyone who wants to play an active role in shaping the company and expand their specialist knowledge. The journeys are hybrid and therefore offer a high degree of flexibility for your learning.

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Frequently asked questions

Many of the webinars are free of charge for registered users of stiftungschweiz.ch. Individual webinars and learning formats are reserved for users of the paid levels (from Starter), for example the Starter webinars and participation in Essentials.

Participation in a boot camp or learning journey is usually subject to a fee. You can find the prices in the webinar store at stiftungschweiz.ch.

All current webinars and training courses can be found in the webinar store.

Yes, it is possible. If you take out a subscription at the Partner level, you can offer your own webinars after approval by the StiftungSchweiz team.