Foundations in the Canton of Schwyz

In stark contrast to the rest of Switzerland, almost half of the foundations in Canton Schwyz are church foundations. Furthermore, many of the 209 foundations are located in the fields of art and culture, social affairs, and education.

Schwyz: Characterized by Tradition and Culture

The canton of Schwyz belongs to the three original cantons and enjoys a central location and beautiful landscapes. Lakes and mountains co-exist and make for impressive pictures and unforgettable hikes. In winter, many Swiss people come to the canton to enjoy the wide range of winter sports on offer.

However, Schwyz’s charm naturally goes beyond its attractive selection of tourism activities. Thanks to its long history, there are many customs and traditions that are still lived and appreciated in the canton. These customs are strongly influenced by the rural side of the region and by the Catholic practice, which is still very present.

Schwyz Foundation Landscape: Stronghold of Church Foundations

Just as diverse as the traditions and landscapes of Schwyz is the range of foundations in the canton. According to the Swiss Foundation Report, there were 209 foundations in Schwyz at the end of 2022. Compared to the previous year, there were eight liquidations and five newly established foundations..

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It is striking that almost half of the foundations in the canton are church foundations. This is in stark contrast to the rest of Switzerland, where church foundations usually make up a smaller fraction. But since the traditions and customs of the Canton of Schwyz are also strongly influenced by Catholic practice, it makes sense that the foundation landscape is equally influenced by religion. Thematically, most of the foundations in the canton are located in the areas of ethics, religion and church, art and culture, social affairs and education. In the cultural field, many foundations are involved in the protection of monuments and local history in order to preserve the numerous cultural treasures of Schwyz.

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