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Secure access to all digital fundraising markets in one fell swoop: To funding organizations via the foundation platform. To private donors via the donation platform and with many digital fundraising tools. And to companies & large donors through your organization portrait. All that very inexpensively and with little effort!

Single point of fundraising - StiftungSchweiz


One Solution for Everything

StiftungSchweiz is your single point of fundraising: here you can access all the important fundraising sub-sectors through a single channel. This simplifies your fundraising, saves time and money and makes fundraising more efficient and ecological.

Public fundraising

With StiftungSchweiz you can easily reach private donors: Present your organization and projects on the largest Swiss donation platform. Integrate a donation button or donation form on your website and collect donors directly. And if you don’t have a website, you can create your own donation website with just a few clicks.

Foundation Fundraising

Present your organization and projects on the largest Swiss foundation platform and attract the attention of funding organizations. Search in our extensive foundation directory for suitable funding organizations and quickly find what you are looking for.

Corporate Fundraising

Build up your fundraising with companies with StiftungSchweiz: Conduct your own fundraising activities with your partner companies and their customers and employees. Or use our platforms to make companies aware of your organization and projects.

Major Donor Fundraising

Complete your fundraising portfolio with access to major donors. Use our platforms to attract the interest of major donors. Or benefit from the extensive reach of our magazine, The Philanthropist . We are your door opener into the world of major donor fundraising!

Get started for free: Even in the Free level, you can present your organization and projects in the directory.

All Features at a Glance

Free yourself from an unnecessary administrative workload and focus on the essentials: the success of your fundraising. We offer fundraisers a variety of practical and efficient tools that make this possible.

Do an unlimited search for appropriate funding organizations. More than 13’000 foundations are listed on the foundation platform, and you can obtain valuable information on most of them beyond the details provided in the commercial register. Numerous filter functions that can be combined with each other enable an even more targeted research. Especially interesting is the advanced search by target group as well as the geographic display of search results on a map! Your individual search results are summarized in clear lists, and you can work on them together with your team.

  • Sophisticated search system with numerous filters
  • Fast reaction with a smart algorithm and sorting by relevance continuously optimized.
  • Various representations (list or map)
  • Creation of lists incl. Exporting data with oly few clicks directly from the directory
  • Manage lists with different permissions and helpful collaboration tools like tags, comments and voting
  • Reactive support with the option of research request

Whether you are an association, an operationally active foundation, a socially or culturally committed company or a non-profit public institution: Present your complete organizational portrait on your own microsite to attract the attention of Funders.

Also, publish each of your organization’s projects online in a handy project portrait. In your preliminary applications to the grant giving foundations and in your responses to calls for projects, the project portraits will be included by link.

  • No own website required
  • Entries and project descriptions can be changed at any time
  • Support from the experienced team at on request
  • A practical booklet can be compiled from several project portraits

Publish your organization and projects also on the donation platform of You can publish as many projects as you want on the largest and most secure donation platform with a simple click. And for as long as you want (we don’t apply any time pressure like crowdfunding platforms). The prerequisite is that your organization is non-profit and tax-exempt (and you have at least a Starter account). All processes and transactions on our platform are optimized to the highest security standards in order to offer a secure donation option.

  • 100% of the donations will be forwarded to your organization without deduction
  • Clear presentation of donor data (except for anonymous donations), incl. Download option
  • Special promotional packages for the published projects
  • The billing of our service is carried out exclusively via the selected subscription
  • Secure donation transfer and audited organizations

Activate potential donors: Place a donation button on your website or use the QR code generator of StiftungSchweiz for your own QR codes. Print the QR codes on your fundraising letters or brochure, or put them on your website. Donors can thus donate directly via the donation platform online, without a payment slip!

  • Easy configuration of your donation button
  • Visually pleasing appeal for donations
  • Color and text selectable
  • Direct link to the donation form of your organizational or project portrait on StiftungSchweiz
  • No extra contracts with credit card companies and payment providers necessary
  • Fundraising up to CHF 2’000 or 10’000 is free of charge (depending on the subscription) – no additional fees apply!

You would like to receive more information? Learn more about the donation button on the blog.

Use your own website as a digital fundraising channel and integrate a donation form from StiftungSchweiz on your website. In this way, you can collect donations from private donors, members and patrons easily, directly and without unnecessary detours.

  • Direct donations on your website
  • Simple technical integration
  • Customizable donation receipt (does not count as a donation receipt for tax deduction)
  • Various design elements freely selectable
  • Secure payment processing via StiftungSchweiz with various payment methods for donors
  • No extra contracts with credit card companies and payment providers necessary
  • Fundraising up to CHF 2’000 or 10’000 is free of charge (depending on the subscription) – no additional fees apply!

You would like to receive more information? Learn more about the donation form in the blog.

Since the Big Spring Release, we have developed a new offering to strengthen philanthropy networks in Switzerland in the future and support exchange. The networks have been available to everyone since the fall.

  • Open your own network with just a few clicks (Pro and above)
  • Publish posts and join the discussion
  • Enter into collaborations
  • stay up to date and get inspired by topics
  • Invite own experts

With the new donation magazine (for the time being only in German), StiftungSchweiz gives project owners the opportunity to significantly increase their fundraising scope in the private donor submarket. In addition, new donor groups can be targeted by intelligently linking different channels.

  • The diversity of the third sector can be experienced with interesting stories.
  • Activation of new private donors (focus on 50+ and millenials)
  • Readers are motivated and empowered to make simple direct and secure digital donations.
  • Strong reach and visibility thanks to clever bundling of user streams and placement of content in the ecosystem.
  • 14-day editorial “Do Good” newsletter with project promotion and direct link to donation platform (>10’000 subscribers).
  • Promotional offers for every need and budget: online advertorials, ad formats or list entries. Introductory offer for subscriptions to FR Premium until June 30, 2022: Editorial mention of your organization/project in the magazine and distribution via the SpendenNewsletter (>10,000 subscribers) and social media.

You can find more information on our factsheet: Download now

Fundraising across all channels: From Pro level, you moderate your own networks, use smart lists and all donation tools.


Spotlight: the Search Function of StiftungSchweiz

The most important thing for fundraisers is to quickly find the right grant giving foundations. The best way to get there is to search quickly and efficiently. StiftungSchweiz fulfills this need with its clever search system.

  1. Efficient matching use smart filters in your search to increase your matching rate: StiftungSchweiz uses the NKS System of categorisation, which was developed especially for the fundraising sector and whose development was based on decades of fundraising experience. By combining relevant filters, you can find suitable foundations quickly and efficiently.
  2. High data quality: getting a search result quickly is not everything. The quality is also crucial. Every day, we are personally committed to ensuring that all data on our platform is accurate, up-to-date and well secured.
  3. Multiple search systems: put an end to one-dimensional searches. With StiftungSchweiz you have access to several search systems in one place: Search for suitable funding organizations, available foundation councilors and interesting industry statistics.
  4. Diverse navigation StiftungSchweiz offers you various ways to search for suitable funding organizations. Use the quick search via text field or navigate through the foundation landscape with the foundation map. If you like, you can also search for foundations regionally. However you search: With StiftungSchweiz, all roads lead to a match!

Start fundraising : With Starter access, you get off to the best possible start in digital philanthropy – with our guidance.

Additional Features

Whether listshop, research service, industry statistics or Knowledge-Hub: StiftungSchweiz offers a 360 degree view for fundraisers. The comprehensive service portfolio covers all needs of project owners.

Everything going on in the foundation and nonprofit world can be found here. Almost, anyway. In addition, there are various opportunities to learn new things and get practical help. Don’t miss it! More details about the extras.

  • Search for suitable foundation board members
  • Exciting webinars from us and our partners
  • Useful books and publications
  • Industry statistics with facts and figures on philanthropy
  • Knowledge-Hub with lots of info, e.g. on impact monitoring and legal issues
  • Blog, newsletter, the magazin THE PHILANTHROPIST (online and in print)
The Philanthropist Magazine

First, easily and quickly create and publish a complete organizational portrait for more online presence. Also present projects with your own microsite.

You can manage all your activities on via a practical dashboard . This is where all the information that is relevant to you is gathered. The Dashboard and the entire user backend, including the functions of StiftungSchweiz, are multilingual: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish.

  • All functions clearly arranged in the menu
  • No own website required
  • Entries and project descriptions can be changed at any time
  • Basis for the use of the (optional) digital application system (available winter 2023) and for the networks
  • Clear display of all activities
  • Customizable information
  • Statistics and evaluations
  • Donation overview
  • Multilingual use of the platform possible (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish)

Well networked to achieve more – more success in fundraising

The most important thing for funders, non-profit organizations, as well as private individuals is to find the right partner without detours. The best way to get there is through efficient search and good networking. StiftungSchweiz does justice to this. With a model tailored to the needs of philanthropy.


Create portraits for your organization and projects and present yourself – completely free of charge!


Start your digital fundraising and let us guide you step by step.


Use more fundraising and research tools for even more effective digital philanthropy.


Actively shape philanthropy with your own offerings and take advantage of exclusive exchanges.

Frequently asked questions

Even at the Free level, you get unlimited access to the search function, can manage your organizational portrait, join networks and present as many projects as you want.

If you want to be present on the donation platform and collect donations, you need at least. a starter access.

Starting from the “Starter” level, you can create unlimited lists and store your organizations in them. The lists can also be downloaded quite easily.

With “Pro” you will additionally receive suggestions for suitable organizations and will be notified about changes.

Yes. From level “Pro” you can open and moderate your own networks. Learn more about the networks here.

Even from the “Free” level, you can submit online applications to funding organizations on StiftungSchweiz. The form is standardized and can only be submitted if the organization is currently accepting applications. The system is still under development and will be available this winter 2023.

If you are looking for funding organizations only, then use the “Funding organization” filter, the canton filter. In order to collect all results in a clear list, you need at least a starter access or you place a non-binding search request with us. Contact us:

Do you have a question or would you like to learn more?

We will be happy to help you.

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