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More efficiency brings together grant giving foundations and project owners in search for funding, thanks to its clever search and matching system. And on the associated largest donation platform in Switzerland, private individuals and companies can use simple search and filter functions to find relevant organizations and projects for their donations. Philanthropy is not only becoming more digital, but also more environmentally friendly: paper consumption is decreasing.

More transparency

Whether for professional purposes or out of private interest: on you will find everything that is going on and important in the world of foundations and non-profits. Events, jobs, books, publications, industry statistics with current figures from the nonprofit sector, as well as a knowledge hub, e-learning courses and useful tips.

More dialog

As Switzerland’s largest digital philanthropy platform, promotes networking and direct dialog between donors, grant giving foundations and project sponsors, as well as service providers and companies. The blog, the industry magazine «The Philanthropist», the donations magazine, and the company’s own social media channels further stimulate exchange in the nonprofit sector.

More Efficiency: With us, all Philanthropy Players Reach their Goal – Easily, Securely, Online

As Switzerland’s largest digital philanthropy platform, connects and matches donors, grant giving foundations and project owners as well as service providers and companies. With our two platforms, everyone gets straight to their goal. And thanks to clever digital tools and services, contact and exchange are faster and easier.

Efficient matching for the institutional sector

On our foundation platform,, we offer a sophisticated search system for the institutional sector. The search functions according to the specially developed NKS system of categorisation and enables targeted searches with numerous filters, bringing quick results. Grant giving foundations and project owners are also given an online presence on with their own microsite – professional, attractive and multimedia-based. In addition, grant giving foundations have the option on the foundation platform to create a closed group, a so-called co-funding space. This is where follow-up financing or co-funding for a project can be discussed and found.

More reach for fundraisers

With over 5’000 charitable organizations, the StiftungSchweiz donation platform is the largest platform of its kind in Switzerland and makes the “digital ecosystem of Swiss philanthropy” even more versatile and attractive. Private individuals and companies who want to donate easily and securely will benefit, as will project owners who want to further digitalize their fundraising. The donation platform is secured against money laundering to protect project owners, the processes are FINMA-approved and the StiftungSchweiz Team carefully checks all project owners to prevent misuse. For project owners, the platform is exciting in terms of attracting new donors: the various distribution channels bring projects directly to smartphones, and with such highlights as peer-to-peer donation campaigns, donation vouchers, or a donation button that can be integrated into their own website, fundraisers can maximize reach and achieve funding goals even faster.

Companies can do great things – especially in the nonprofit sector. We therefore offer various digital formats specifically for companies that make your corporate philanthropy a reality. Donation vouchers, your own fundraising campaigns, matching fund campaigns, your own donation world on your website, the use of a funding pool or a completely individual solution: the range of our offer is wide.

More information: Our products for companies

More Dialogue: we Connect the Various Players from Philanthropy and Support Networking

Simply and directly pass on an important piece of information to the sector? Write about a topic in depth and initiate dialog? A magazine that reports critically, creatively and independently on the sector? StiftungSchweiz offers all this and more to support the flow of information and exchange in the nonprofit sector. In this way, we sustainably strengthen charitable commitment in Switzerland.

Blog authors report for StiftungSchweiz competently and with a practical orientation about the world of philanthropy and foundations. Facts, figures, opinions and observations are just as much a part of it as well-founded reports from the foundation sector and from various thematic worlds of philanthropy – from art to research and health to sports and animal welfare.

The Philanthropist is the independent magazine of StiftungSchweiz, published four times a year in print and online. Carefully researched reports, exciting interviews, commentaries by proven experts, as well as a guide and versatile short news items make for reading that is as entertaining as it is informative.

StiftungSchweiz delivers the most important news from the nonprofit sector directly to your mailbox with a concise newsletter. In addition to current topics, it also informs you about upcoming industry events as well as educational activities, and highlights new publications.

«The Philanthropist briefing» gets to the heart of philanthropy news: concise, up-to-date coverage from the nonprofit sector. The weekly newsletter of «The Philanthropist» can be subscribed to free of charge.

With the donation magazine (for the time being in German) and the fortnightly “Do Good” newsletter, we are opening up a new attractive communication channel to private donors. Interesting stories, reports, and valuable tips on digital giving bring the third sector to life.

You can find more information in our factsheet: download now.

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StiftungSchweiz is also active on social media and regularly posts interesting facts and news via its own social media channels. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date philanthropically.

More Transparency: We Provide Facts, Figures and Exciting Insights into the Swiss Philanthropy Sector.

Would you like to receive important information about the sector as well as relevant news and events? Do you want to deepen your knowledge and get to know other players in the nonprofit world? StiftungSchweiz combines figures, knowledge and information from the world of philanthropy on one platform, thus ensuring maximum transparency. faster and easier.

The Knowledge Hub offers exciting insights and valuable know-how on various topics related to philanthropy and StiftungSchweiz. Information on impact measurement is included as well as legal basics and expert interviews on central topics. This way, you are always well informed and well equipped for your work in philanthropy.






Thanks to the cooperation with you can also search for suitable members for your foundation board .






With sector statistics, StiftungSchweiz offers numerous insights and evaluations concerning Swiss philanthropy. New statistics and exciting facts and figures are added continuously. In addition, the Swiss Philanthropy Performance Index, in collaboration with ZKB, provides an up-to-date overview of the investments and returns of charitable foundations in Switzerland.