Foundations in Berne

Over 10% of all Swiss foundations are based in Berne, and there are a total of 1’409 foundations in the canton. The number of foundations per 10’000 inhabitants is 13,4.

Foundations in Berne: Diverse Foundation Landscape

Fundraisers looking for suitable foundations for projects in the canton of Berne are spoilt for choice: over 10% of all Swiss foundations are based in Berne, and there are a total of 1’409 foundations in the canton. With the variety of foundations in the canton, it is not easy to maintain an overview and find relevant foundations that are eligible for funding. Foundation registers and networks bring together individuals, fundraisers and grant giving organizations, making it easier to find the right organisation or project. Most foundations in the canton of Berne are active exclusively in the canton and therefore only support projects with a direct connection to the canton. So in order to receive financial aid and support for your project from foundations in Berne, you should prioritise working in or from the region.

Grant Giving Organizations, Non-profit Associations & Projects in Berne

The Swiss Foundation Report notes a significant increase in the foundation landscape in Berne for the year 2022. The number of foundations per 10’000 inhabitants is 13,4. The most important areas of the newly established foundations in Berne are social services, education and research, and culture and leisure. 12% of all newly established Bernese foundations in 2019 are focused on environmental issues. In the total portfolio of Swiss foundations, the environment sector accounts for only 6%. This clear trend follows current concerns of society as a whole and participates in shaping and establishing them. Global as well as cantonal environmental protection projects and associations have also increased in recent years. Foundation registers such as make it easy for projects, non-profit organizations and grant giving organizations to find each other. The coding according to topic areas and target groups as well as other filters, such as area of activity or domicile, enable a targeted search for an organisation or project. StiftungSchweiz and other digital platforms also provide news and current events in the foundation landscape.

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Fundraising for French & German-speaking Switzerland: Bilingual Foundations in Berne

Many bilingual foundations are located in Berne. Applications from French-speaking and German-speaking Switzerland are accepted equally. Berne is also an interesting foundation location for fundraisers from France and Germany. In the case of cross-border cooperation, however, the distinctions under civil and tax law should be taken into account. Foundation law differs in some cases fundamentally in the various countries.