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As Switzerland’s largest digital philanthropy platform, the online portal stiftungschweiz.ch promotes direct dialog between donors, grant giving organizations and non-profit organizations, as well as experts and companies. Innovative services for direct, secure online donations and for streamlined funding processes, practical offerings for integral digital fundraising, and a wealth of information about philanthropy increase transparency and efficiency and sustainably strengthen charitable engagement in Switzerland.

StiftungSchweiz is an initiative of Philanthropy Services AG from Basel. StiftungSchweiz is backed by the Zürcher Kantonalbank, the association SwissFoundations and a broad-based consortium of grant giving organizations. Together, we pursue the goal of harnessing the potential of digitization for impactful philanthropy.

3 Questions for Stefan

Stefan Schöbi has been CEO of StiftungSchweiz since November 1, 2022. Previously, he established and managed the Migros Pioneer Fund, which was founded in 2012, and was most recently responsible for the Migros Group’s entire national social commitment. From 2008 to 2012, he was head of marketing at the Zurich University of the Arts. Schöbi studied literature in Zurich, Berlin and Vienna and earned his doctorate on Zurich’s economic history. He holds an MBA in Marketing and certificates from INSEAD and Stanford University.

We see StiftungSchweiz as a movement that can only be successful if all sides are committed and pursue a common goal.

On November 1, 2022, you took over the baton as Managing Director from founder Peter Buss. What particularly appeals to you about this role?

The idea behind StiftungSchweiz is as simple as it is visionary – to use digital tools to simplify philanthropy, shift the focus from fundraising to impact, and bring participants closer together. Peter Buss started with this idea almost 10 years ago. Today we feel that the time is ripe – now more than ever. And that we can and want to be much more as an innovator for the sector than an operator of a directory of sponsors. Philanthropy is unique because of its diversity. Typically, only the big, well-established organizations and projects are visible. But we also want to pay close attention to the many small ones that our world so desperately needs. We want to support and accompany them on their way to sustainable success.

You want to drive further development co-creatively. What can we expect from such an approach?

The aim is to create solutions that simplify everyday life for users of the platform. NPOs, grant giving organizations, companies and donors know best where to start and what to improve. Therefore, we invite them to actively contribute to the further development of stiftungschweiz.ch with ideas, wishes and suggestions. We are aware that we still have a long way to go.

What are your three wishes for the sector?

That the players don’t wait and think: Oh, something is moving, let’s see what happens. But rather that they actively participate in the process of change and thereby lead us to good solutions and useful offers. So for them to take the step into digital philanthropy with us now and maintain their digital profile. We see StiftungSchweiz as a movement that can only be successful if all sides are committed and pursue a common goal. That is only one wish, but it is a big one.

The team of StiftungSchweiz

Fabienne Angst - Sales
Fabienne Angst
Partner Solutions
Eldina Begic
Rechnungswesen & Administration
Moritz Brunner
Leitung Digitales Marketing
Claire de Trey-Freymond
Product Development
Fabio Duò
Leitung Entwicklung
Claudia Dutli
Medien & Kommunikation, Verlagsleiterin The Philanthropist
Clau Isenring
Cyril Jocz
Support & Administration
Anne Mayer
Customer Success
Yara Miescher
Datenqualität & Marketing
Israel Moreno
Jaime Oberle
Tais Okai
Content & Social Media
Stephanie Pfenninger
Markenstrategie- & Kommunikation
Stefan Schöbi
Julijana Stula
Digital Marketing
Susanne Sugimoto
Redaktionsleiterin The Philanthropist
Takashi Sugimoto
Redaktionsleiter The Philanthropist

The partners of StiftungSchweiz

SwissFoundations Logo
uni geneve



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