StiftungSchweiz AI Assistant

Your AI assistant for fundraising and philanthropy

Make your work easier with the AI assistant from StiftungSchweiz, which is perfectly tailored to the needs of philanthropy. Experience the magic of artificial intelligence and take your fundraising to a new level.

Laptop showing AI tools for fundraising and philanthropy.

Create an optimized project portrait

Let artificial intelligence do the work: Upload a dossier of your project and the AI assistant will automatically create a project portrait on – text-optimized and to the point thanks to the AI assistant’s language skills. This will save you valuable time and you will have an expressive portrait in no time at all!

Writing a cover letter for a specific application

Experience the concentrated power of artificial intelligence: the AI assistant for cover letters creates a structured and persuasive cover letter for a job application with just a few clicks. application to a funding organization. Select for which project, in which language and to which funding organisation the cover letter is addressed and whether you would like to add any additional information. You will promptly receive a finished letter that you can print out and send.

Can be used free of charge for a limited time:
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Receive suggestions for improvement for project portrait

Let us point out gaps and optimization potential: With the AI assistant for project portraits, you can fine-tune your project and ensure that it is presented in the best possible way. The AI assistant takes established fundraising standards and best practices into account during the analysis and provides valuable tips on how to address your target group even better.

Finding funding partners with magic lists

A game changer: The Magic List AI assistant creates a research list for your project. research list with up to 30 potential funding organizations. Each selected organisation is assessed for its degree of compliance with their project: Based on the tag and comment you can see why and to what extent the organisation is a match. This will save you time when searching for suitable foundations.

Stay tuned!

Numerous other exciting functions are currently being planned. Look forward to more AI assistants that simplify your everyday life and enrich your work.

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Frequently asked questions

Current offer: In the current beta version, we are making the AI Assistant available to all registered users of StiftungSchweiz free of charge for a limited period as an introductory offer.
In future, the AI assistant will be available from Pro level.

StiftungSchweiz attaches great importance to the sensitive and careful handling of data, especially in connection with artificial intelligence.
You decide for yourself whether and which data may be processed when using artificial intelligence.
In addition, StiftungSchweiz guarantees the protection of your personal data in AI applications through advanced anonymization, even without an explicit mandate.