Foundations in the Canton of Basel-Landschaft

Of 13’635 Swiss foundations, 308 are based in the canton of Basel-Landschaft. That is 10,5 foundations per 10’000 inhabitants – in a national comparison, this is slightly below average and puts Basel-Landschaft in fifth last place among all cantons.

Foundations in Basel-Landschaft: Promoting Social and Cultural Causes

Although Basel-Landschaft is one of the smallest cantons in Switzerland with only 518 square kilometres, it offers a variety of attractions. Nature lovers get their money’s worth thanks to picturesque landscapes in the Jura and Rhine regions, countless hiking trails and thriving agriculture. For history buffs, there are around 80 historic castles and palaces, around 40 museums and even one of the most important Roman sites in Switzerland, Augusta Raurica.

Philanthropists will also find what they are looking for in Basel-Landschaft. According to the Swiss Foundation Report, there were 13’635 active foundations at the end of 2022, of which 308 are attributed to the canton of Basel-Landschaft. Since the canton has a high population density, there are 10,5 foundations per 10’000 inhabitants – this is slightly below average in a national comparison and puts Basel-Landschaft in fifth last place among all cantons. The neighbouring half-canton of Basel-Stadt, on the other hand, lives up to its title of “Foundation Capital of Europe” and, with 905 foundations, is the most foundation-dense place in Switzerland. If you add up the two half-cantons, you get over 1’000 foundations that are active in or based in the Basel region. Overall, this speaks for the numerous and diverse foundations on offer in Switzerland and the Basel region.

Focal Points & Special Features of the Foundations in Basel-Landschaft

The foundation landscape in Switzerland is always in flux, but also varies greatly from canton to canton. In 2022, there were 337 new foundations and 214 liquidations across Switzerland, so the numbers are increasing. Basel-Landschaft is moving in a slightly different direction with a negative net growth of seven newly established foundations and nine liquidations.

The topics that the Basel-Landschaft foundations deal with are very diverse. They are primarily active in the social sector, supporting people in need. This includes counselling and support with various problems, offers of assisted living, direct financial aid and even more. Another important funding area is art and culture, whereby the foundations often do not limit themselves to a single topic, but are active in promoting culture in general. This is hardly surprising given the wide range of cultural offerings in the half-canton. Other strongly represented areas of support are education and research – specifically, this often involves scholarships or a practical training or further education programme, as with the foundation K’Werk Baselland.

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