Foundations in the Romandy

The Lake Geneva region, which makes up a large part of French-speaking Switzerland, is home to a large number of different grant giving foundations, nonprofit associations and organisations. For example, according to the Swiss Foundation Report, the cantons of Vaud, Valais and Geneva contain 3’255 foundations and have a density of 19,6 foundations per 10’000 people.

Foundations in French-Speaking Switzerland: Fundraising in the Romandy

The Lake Geneva region, which makes up a large part of French-speaking Switzerland, is home to a large number of different charities and non-profit organizations. According to the Swiss Foundation Report, there are 3,300 foundations in the cantons of Vaud, Valais and Geneva, with a density of 19.6 foundations per 10,000 people. Finding the right funding organization among this broad range of foundations is a challenging task for fundraisers. This is where the foundation register of StiftungSchweiz comes in. The platform uses smart search and filter functions to bring together charitable organizations and funding organizations – digitally, efficiently and intuitively.

Funding organizations & non-profit organizations in the cantons of French-speaking Switzerland

The Lake Geneva region’s foundation landscape is one of the most extensive in the country in terms of the number of foundations. Geneva, the second largest city in Switzerland, and Lausanne, the fourth largest, make a decisive contribution to this. In 2022, 63 new foundations were established in the canton of Geneva alone, more than in any other Swiss canton. In a nationwide comparison, Geneva and Vaud have the third and fourth most foundations per canton. The objectives and priorities of the various funding organizations also cover a wide range. From art and culture, social affairs, health and education to research, science, development, politics, society and business, the funding organizations in the Lake Geneva region promote a wide range of topics and charitable causes.

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Digital Philanthropy & Fundraising in the Romandy with StiftungSchweiz

As a platform for digital philanthropy, StiftungSchweiz combines an efficient foundation register with the largest donation platform in Switzerland and provides important information and news from the world of charitable commitment. StiftungSchweiz is one of the first points of contact for fundraisers, private donors, companies and foundations in Switzerland to obtain information about initiatives, to establish connections and to enter into dialogue with the various parties. Clever search and filter functions help to sort content according to relevance. More efficiency, more transparency and more effectiveness on the StiftungSchweiz platform – 8,400 Swiss funding organizations and 5,700 charitable organizations are now convinced of this.