Foundations in the Canton of Valais

The canton of Valais is the third largest canton in Switzerland in terms of surface area. In terms of foundations, however, the canton is in the national midfield. The Swiss Foundation Report 23 found that there are 16,7 foundations per 10’000 inhabitants.

Foundations in Valais

The canton of Valais is located in the southwest of Switzerland and is particularly well known and popular for its location in the Alps. A large part of the wealth in the canton comes from tourism. It is therefore not surprising that many foundations in Valais are dedicated to the preservation of unique nature and environmental protection.

However, the foundation system in Valais goes far beyond this. At StiftungSchweiz, you can find out all about the grant giving organizations in the canton of Valais and the special features that the search for funding in the canton has to offer. Get an overview of the foundations in Valais.

Philanthropy between the Matterhorn & the Rhone Valley: The Foundation System in Valais

Located entirely in the Alps, the canton of Valais is extraordinarily diverse in terms of landscape and climate, but also culture and language. In terms of surface area, Valais is the third largest canton in Switzerland, but in terms of foundations, the canton is in the national midfield. The Swiss Foundation Report 23 found that there are 16,7 foundations per 10’000 inhabitants. The report counted a total of 593 foundations in Valais, including 14 new foundations and 17 liquidations.

In addition to the topics of the Alps, tourism and environmental protection, many foundations in Valais promote social causes, i.e. charitable causes and support for the needy. Education and art and culture also play a major role in the nonprofit world in Valais.

How to Reach the Right Grant Giving Organization in Valais with your Application

While French and Franco-Provençal are primarily spoken in the west, the eastern Valais is German-speaking. At cantonal level, both German and French are official languages; at municipal level, either German or French, depending on where you are. In the StiftungSchweiz foundation register, many foundations in Valais present themselves in French, while others are written in German.

In general, it is advantageous for non-profit organizations contacting foundations in Valais to offer both languages. The greatest chances are promised by a contact request written in the respective language in which the foundation presents itself.

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