Foundations in Eastern Switzerland

According to the Swiss Foundation Report, there were 13’635 active foundations throughout Switzerland at the end of 2022. 1’686 of these are located in eastern Switzerland. Thus, around 12 percent of the non-profit and grant giving Swiss organizations are concentrated in this region.

Foundations in Eastern Switzerland: Regionally Active

1’686 – this is how many foundations the cantons of eastern Switzerland Thurgau, Glarus, Schaffhausen, Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Appenzell Innerrhoden, St. Gallen and Grisons count together. According to the Swiss Foundation Report, there were 13’635 active foundations throughout Switzerland at the end of 2022. Thus, around 12 percent of operative and grant giving Swiss foundations are concentrated in eastern Switzerland. The number of foundations could grow in the coming years. In Grisons, for example, there were nine newly established ones in 2022, but only four liquidations. With 524 foundations, the canton is just ahead of St. Gallen with 521 foundations. In terms of foundation density, the canton of Glarus outshines all other cantons in eastern Switzerland with 28,2 foundations per 10’000 inhabitants. In comparison with the foundation density of all Swiss cantons, Glarus even reaches third place behind Basel-Stadt and Zug.

Culture & Leisure, Social Services & More: Focus of the Regional Foundations

Eastern Switzerland offers a variety of foundations that work regionally. This offers advantages because local projects often receive more attention than projects with a national focus. Foundations are most frequently found in the area of culture and leisure. A variety of foundations in eastern Switzerland are also involved in social welfare. Other areas in which numerous patrons are active include education and research, healthcare, housing, development cooperation, and environmental protection and nature conservation.

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Find Foundations in Eastern Switzerland: Fundraising, Donation & Sponsorship

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