Foundations in the Canton of Nidwalden

Of the 13’635 active foundations in Switzerland, 91 are located in the canton of Nidwalden. As one of the smallest cantons, it has a remarkable foundation density of 20,6 foundations per 10’000 people, far above the national average of 15,5.

Foundations in Nidwalden: High Foundation Density and Diverse Organisations

Nidwalden is one of the smallest cantons in Switzerland, both in terms of area and population. It is therefore hardly surprising that, according to the Foundation Report, of the 13’635 active foundations in Switzerland, only 91 are from the canton of Nidwalden. However, if one compares the number of foundations and the population, the canton has a remarkable density of 20,6 foundations per 10’000 people – far above the Swiss average of 15,5. The half-canton also follows the trend of foundation growth in Switzerland: it recorded three more foundations at the end of 2022 than in the previous year.

Foundation Landscape & Focal Points of Philanthropy in Nidwalden

Meanwhile, the diversity of Nidwalden’s culture and nature is reflected in the foundation topics of the organisations based and active there. All of the possible foundation focal points are represented. The foundations and projects are mainly active in the fields of art and culture, social affairs and education. The foundations and projects show a strong solidarity among Nidwalden residents – for example, the Bildhauer Hans von Matt-Stiftung focuses on promoting local artists, while the Josef und Elsbeth Wyrsch Stiftung provides financial support to Nidwalden residents in need. In general, there is a tendency among foundations in the half-canton to provide direct financial support. Nevertheless, one cannot forget important non-profit organizations such as Pro Senectute Nidwalden or the foundation Sammlung Unterwaldner Naturjuiz, which directly promote the well-being of the region through their own activities.

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Find and Contact the Right Foundations & Non-Profit Organizations in Nidwalden

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