StiftungSchweiz Donation Tools

Take off with online donation tools

Step into the world of giving with digital public fundraising tools. Present yourself on the donation platform, they easily collect donations with QR codes or a donation form via your own website. Target donors and motivate them to donate.

Online donation tool number 1: the donation platform.

Attracting attention with the donation platform

With an attractive portrait on the donation platform you present your organization and current projects and attract the attention of donors. These are your advantages:

  • You do not need your own website: present yourself online with your portrait
  • Collect up to CHF 2,000 (Starter level) or CHF 10,000 (Pro level and above) in digital donations free of charge (tax exemption of your organization is assumed)
  • Online donation overview with transmission of donation data
  • Special offers for mention in the donation magazine and on social media

Collect donations online with the donation button and QR codes

Simply collect donations digitally on your own website with the donation button or on printed materials with a QR code.

  • Easy configuration of your donation button – color and text are freely customizable
  • Direct link to your organization or project portraits on the donation platform
  • Visually appealing and easy to put on
  • Create a QR code for your organization or your projects with one click to collect donations easily and directly also analogously
  • Available from Starter level
Online donation tool number 2: Donate button and QR code.

Get started cost-effectively: You can use the donation tools for as little as CHF 300/year in the starter level.

Online donation tool number 3: the donation form.

Individualized fundraising with the Donation form

Take your fundraising to a new level and create a configurable donation form to pick up donors in a more individual and targeted way.

  • Donate directly through your website
  • Customizable donation confirmation and design elements
  • Secure payment processing without extra contracts with payment providers
  • Simple technical integration
  • Available from Pro level

Reach private donors with the Donation magazine

With the donation magazine and “Do Good” newsletter, we are opening up a new and attractive communication channel to private donors.

  • Promotional offers for every need and budget: online publicity reports, ad formats or list entries
  • Interesting stories, reports and valuable tips on digital donations bring the third sector to life.
  • 14-daily editorial “Do Good” newsletter with project promotion and direct link to donation platform (>10’000 subscribers)
  • Readers are motivated and empowered to make simple direct and secure digital donations
Online donation tool number 4: the donation magazine.

Frequently asked questions

Starting from the starter level, you can create a portrait on the donation platform, use the donation button, the QR code and collect donations up to CHF 2,000 free of charge.

From the Pro level upwards, you can also use the donation form and collect donations up to CHF 10,000 free of charge.

You can get a detailed comparison of all functions on our
Prices page

100% of the donations will reach your organization.

As soon as the limit for free expenses has been exceeded (in the Starter level: CHF 2’000, in the Pro level: CHF 10’000) CHF 1.- per donation and a fair fee of 3% on the donation amount will be charged in order to cover third party costs for provider etc.

StiftungSchweiz is subject to the Money Laundering Act. All processes and transactions on our platform are optimized to the highest security standards in order to offer you a secure donation option. Each organization is manually verified and checked for tax exemption.

You can learn more about data security at StiftungSchweiz in the blog post “Digital donations – but secure”.


No, only tax-exempt Swiss organizations can be activated on the donation platform. We had to introduce this restriction due to the money laundering act. However, this is how we guarantee that all processes are legally compliant and that donations reach the organizations safely and efficiently.

To use the donation tools, your organization must be tax-exempt. We perform verification based on documents and information that should confirm the tax exemption of your organization.

You start the verification process in the organization menu in the “Verification” tab. In an uncomplicated 3-step process, you upload the necessary documents there and enter the relevant information about your organization. We will check your documents and in the shortest possible time you will receive a decision.