Effect-oriented promotion

Proactively show in which thematic areas you are funding – and where you are not accepting applications. Participate in networks, discuss with other funding organizations and experts, and detect funding gaps.


One Solution for Everything

StiftungSchweiz offers you everything you need for a efficient and modern philanthropy. With your login to StiftungSchweiz, you have access to all your practical work aids in one place. You can quite easily:

Communicate clearly

What do you promote and what don’t you promote? Create transparency about your funding prioritieste. This allows projects to assess in advance whether or not their requests are a good fit – before they submit an application.

Digitize sensibly

Digitize your work where it makes sense, simplify your workflows and save valuable resources. Take advantage of our comprehensive digital toolbox.

Promote efficiently

Make your funding processes lean. Use our digital solutions to receive high quality and suitable searches. With our efficient application management (from winter 2023), you simplify your daily work and increase the effectiveness of your funding.

Exchange and network

The network offering facilitates collaboration in virtual space. Open new thematic networks, discuss and debate with other interested parties. Form alliances and find funding gaps. Keep your finger on the pulse with our blog and newsletters.

Suchen und finden

Search and Find

A clearly structured directory combined with an intelligent matching system: Find matching funding organizations, non-profit organizations and projects with ease.

Get started for free: Even on the Free level you manage your organization

All functions for funders at a glance

You have The Choice: With our free introductory offer for funding organizations, you proactively show in which thematic areas you fund – and where you do not accept applications. With the “Free” access, you unleash the full digital potential for your funding organization and use a comprehensive digital toolbox. You find suitable project or funding partners and are supported in relevant issues of philanthropy.

Present a complete foundation portrait in multimedia form on a dedicated microsite. Describe, for example, the focus of the foundation’s grantmaking activities, projects funded to date, and, if desired, the foundation’s annual distribution. Also state whether or not you are accepting grant requests and provide current contact information. This gives the grant giving foundation a persuasive online presence. The official data from the commercial register is already entered and updated automatically.

  • No own website required
  • Presentation in the largest directory
  • Entries changeable at any time
  • Free choice of communication channels
  • Basic profile in the networks
  • Basis for the use of the (optional) online application system (available winter 2023)

Everything going on in the foundation and nonprofit world can be found here. Almost, anyway. In addition, there are various opportunities to learn new things and get practical help. Don’t miss it!

  • Discuss in the networks and help shape philanthropy
  • Search for foundation board members
  • Useful books and publications
  • Industry statistics with facts and figures on philanthropy
  • Knowledge-Hub with lots of info, e.g. on impact monitoring and legal issues
  • Newsletter for timely updates
  • Blog, newsletter, the magazin THE PHILANTHROPIST (online and in print)

Nonprofits submit a standardized online application form to you. Receive notification via the application management system and easily make an initial pre-selection via the platform. Take notes and have the Board of Trustees evaluate the applications.

  • Online tools for managing and evaluating applications
  • Rating system with different rights
  • Automatic messages to applicants
  • Great reduction of the workload

You can manage all of your activities on stiftungschweiz.ch via a practical dashboard. This is where all the information that is relevant to you is gathered.

  • Clear display of all activities
  • Multi-user capability
  • Customizable information
  • Manage your organizations with a few clicks
  • up to 5 users (e.g. Pro-access)
  • Multilingual use of the platform possible (German, English and French)

Help shape philanthropy: Starting at Pro, you will moderate your own networks and set accents in the sector.


Spotlight: The networks of philanthropy

The network offering facilitates collaboration in virtual space. Open new thematic networks and discuss and debate with other interested parties. Keep your finger on the pulse with our blog and newsletters.

  1. Find funding partners
    The network offers orientation as to who is active in which subject areas and with which focus. Join the networks that match your focus and point out where you would like to contribute. Discuss exciting initiatives with colleagues from other funding agencies. Get in direct contact with potential funding partners to make a bigger impact together.
  2. Staying informed Immerse yourself in the world of philanthropy: learn about issue areas and approaches being taken by other grantmaking organizations. Identify promising new trends and themes on the horizon. Enter into a dialogue with your colleagues to discuss acute needs and potentials.
  3. Evolve funding approach Exchangeideas with other funding agencies on new methodological approaches to funding. Learn and benefit from the experiences and insights of your colleagues and integrate proven ones into your own promotion environment.

A good network for more impact – more success in philanthropy

The most important thing for funders, non-profit organizations, as well as private individuals is to find the right partner without detours. The best way to get there is through efficient search and good networking. StiftungSchweiz does justice to this. With a model tailored to the needs of philanthropy.


Create a portrait for your funding organization and research the foundation directory – all for free!


Get started right and let us guide you step by step into the world of digital philanthropy.


Leverage advanced capabilities and key features for even more effective digital foundation work.


Actively shape digital philanthropy with your own offerings and take advantage of the exclusive information exchange.

Frequently asked questions

Alreaady at the Free level, you get unlimited access to the search function, can manage your organizational portrait, and can join networks.

Starting from the “Starter” level, you can create unlimited lists and store your organizations in them. The lists can also be downloaded quite easily.

With “Pro” you will additionally receive suggestions for suitable organizations and will be notified about changes.

Yes. From level “Pro” you can open and moderate your own networks. Learn more about the networks here.

From the “Partner” level on, you can make full use of the application management system and involve team members in it.

Use the canton filter and the legal form “foundation”. In order to collect all results in a clear list, you either need a starter access or you place a non-binding search request with us. Contact us: support@stiftungschweiz.ch

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