Foundations for Social Affairs, Housing & Family

Social security is an important prerequisite for a good life and social stability. In Switzerland, social projects and services, together with grant giving foundations and operational foundations in the social sector, form a network that catches people in special circumstances.

Foundations for Social Welfare in Switzerland

Social risks such as illness, loss of earnings, disability, maternity, family burdens and death affect us all. However, some social groups are more vulnerable than others, such as women and families. And not only older people, but also children and young people and their education must be taken into account from the beginning.

The state offer of Swiss social insurances is supplemented by social projects and services in order to provide the best possible protection against social decline and poverty as well as to ensure social participation. Foundations in the social sector support social projects, services and institutions, and some also provide direct financial assistance to low-income individuals and families.

The Work of Social Services & Projects – Made Possible by Social Foundations.

The social area is extremely diverse and includes topics such as housing and housing construction, assisted living and offers for seniors, people with disabilities or psychological impairments, self-help groups, family support and counseling, and other assistance for people in difficult situations. Social foundations support such offers financially and sometimes also set up their own projects and sponsorships. Meeting places that are valuable to a community, such as a village café or a youth center, can also be supported by social foundations.

Foundations for Financial Aid for Social Ills – Immediate & Direct

Rising costs of living mean that more and more people are experiencing personal financial difficulties. A tight financial situation can easily tip over due to an unforeseen event or unfavorable coincidences. Those who have no reserves or savings then find themselves in a threatening existential situation. Especially single mothers and families, but also elderly or sick people need help at short notice and without complications. Some social foundations provide for the disbursement of direct aid to private individuals, for example the Thomi Hopf Foundation in northwestern Switzerland.

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In the Foundation Directory of StiftungSchweiz, you can quickly and intuitively find suitable Swiss foundations and project owners in the social sector that you can contact for a funding request or an inquiry. For more information on the foundation’s purpose and area of activity, exclusion criteria and activities, please visit the respective foundation page. In addition to the clever and effective search with numerous filter and sorting functions, as a project owner you also have the option of presenting your organization or your project on the StiftungSchweiz donation platform. On the largest digital donation platform in Switzerland, you can reach private donors, companies and foundations, thus opening up a variety of fundraising channels. Digital tools for fundraisers and grant giving foundations, philanthropy tools for private individuals and consultants, charity services for companies: As the largest digital platform for philanthropy in Switzerland, StiftungSchweiz brings all actors together. The online magazine “The Philanthropist”, an extensive knowledge hub and the StiftungSchweiz also provide up-to-date information on developments and news from the nonprofit world.