Foundations for Education in Switzerland & Worldwide

Quality education is the fourth goal of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), an essential basic need. Education is the best way out of poverty and towards a self-determined life. Switzerland is home to numerous foundations that promote education for adults and children. Schools, universities and institutions as well as private individuals and educational projects are supported. In the StiftungSchweiz foundation directory you will find the right educational foundation for your purposes.

Foundations for Schools, Education & Further Education in Switzerland

20,8 percent of all Swiss foundations are active in the field of education and research, according to the Swiss Foundation Report 2022. The topic continues to gain relevance in the nonprofit sector as well as in society as a whole. The report attributes 23,2 percent of all foundations established in the last ten years to the purpose of education and research. More new foundations than in any other area. Aftercultureand leisure, education and research is the second most important foundation purpose in terms of numbers. The strongly represented theme brings with it a diverse foundation landscape in the field of education. Smaller and large educational foundations set different thematic and local priorities, are quite broad and open or deal with special topics.

Scholarships for Pupils, Students & Apprentices from Educational Foundations in Switzerland

Foundations for education enable people to attend school, complete training or continuing education, study at universities, and conduct research. Foundations that award scholarships or support programs make an important contribution to equal opportunities in education. Their own and their family’s financial situation is the main reason why young people go straight into working life because they cannot afford to study or do not earn enough during their training. Educational foundations in Switzerland award scholarships, not only in the sense of promoting the gifted, but also for underprivileged persons, adults on the second educational path and students who are striving for their Matura.

Foundations for Education & Schools Abroad

In countries of the global south, even primary education is difficult to access for some children. Long, dangerous journeys to school, the cost of teaching materials and lunches, and families who rely on their children to help with household chores or as co-income earners mean that some children do not even learn to read and write. Together with foundations for children and foundations for development aid, education foundations help break the cycle of poverty. They enable the construction and operation of schools and support school projects abroad. Costs for teachers, teaching materials and lunches, organization of school buses and transportation, or Internet access: education foundations promote and support any form of aid that helps ensure that all children can attend school.

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Education for All: Find the Right Foundation at StiftungSchweiz

Finding the right foundation for your school project, educational institution or research project is easy with the StiftungSchweiz foundation directory. Set the appropriate parameters using the clever search and matching functions to discover educational foundations that fit your project. On the respective foundation profile you will find all information about the field of activity, requirements, application and contacts as well as helpful addresses and links. Create your custom dashboard, track exciting projects and foundations, and learn more in the online magazine The Philanthropist,in the StiftungSchweiz blog and in the extensive knowledge hub about everything that is currently important in the world of philanthropy.