Health, Care & Health Knowledge Foundations

Physical and mental health are among the highest goods. Health cannot be bought, and yet substantial funding is needed in health care for health promotion and preventive measures, education, research, treatments and care. Swiss foundations for health support projects and institutions that disseminate health knowledge, protect healthy people from diseases or help sick people and their relatives.

Foundations in the Field of Health: Prevention, Treatment & Care

The concept of health goes far beyond clinics, doctors’ offices and medications. Health begins with a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and sufficient exercise. The fact that mental health is also not to be neglected is now widely known. Sick people often need support that goes beyond basic medical care, especially for serious and chronic illnesses. The foundations for health in the foundation directory from StiftungSchweiz are active in the entire field of health promotion and care. They maintain and promote health and care facilities, facilitate special treatments and research, and support every conceivable project in this field. At the same time, some foundations are quite open in terms of subject matter, such as the Stiftung Salientes, while others set very specific priorities.

Health Knowledge & Health Promotion: Foundations for Healthy Living

Prevent diseases and detect them early, keep mind and body fit and healthy: with prevention and basic health education, many diseases can be avoided. A healthy, strong person with a good immune system also has a better chance of dealing well with illnesses. Health promotion is an important field, not only in medicine, but also socially and societally. Foundations like the Active Well-Being Foundation fund projects that are dedicated to health education and awareness, offer sports programs or create recreational spaces. Projects and facilities that help people lead healthy lives find support and funding from health promotion foundations.

Support for Sufferers & Relatives: Health Foundations in the Fight against Disease

Medicine is one of the most rapidly advancing sciences. Diseases such as leukemia, for example, for which there was little prospect of a cure just a few years ago, can now be reliably treated. To ensure that these new treatments are widely available, foundations such as the Blumenau-Léonie Hartmann-Stiftung help hospitals and institutions finance their operations and purchase equipment and instruments, as well as provide continuing education for medical staff.

However, in addition to advanced medical treatment, sufferers and their families also need further support, especially in the case of such serious illnesses as cancer, dementia or multiple sclerosis. Promising experimental cures not covered by basic insurance are supported by foundations against cancer, dementia and other diseases, as are rehabilitation facilities, support in everyday life and spiritual assistance for sufferers and their families. Projects related to addiction also often rely on financial support from health foundations to help people with addiction.

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