Help for Animals in Need: Foundations for Animal Welfare in Switzerland

Neglected dogs and cats, suffering laboratory mice and monkeys, animal species threatened with extinction in Switzerland and abroad: animal welfare foundations make an enormous contribution to the implementation of animal welfare projects in Switzerland. Grant giving foundations and project owners work closely together to improve animal welfare in all areas.

Animal Welfare Foundations Support Projects for Biodiversity and Against Animal Suffering

It is estimated that we share the earth with ten thousand trillion animals. Humanity is clearly outnumbered; yet we dominate the planet. Careless or harmful behavior causes distress to many animals. Animal welfare work represents an important counterbalance to this. Animal shelters, rescues, nature parks and reserves, and animal welfare organizations that support animal owners or put pressure on politicians and the public receive a lot of support from private donors. However, also Swiss foundations for animal welfare are fundamental for the work of animal welfare organizations. At StiftungSchweiz, grant giving foundations for animals as well as operating foundations and project owners come together to achieve their goals, reduce animal suffering and protect biodiversity.

Protection for Endangered Wildlife: From the Bird of Prey to the Orangutan Foundation

Decline in biodiversity, pollution, destruction of natural habitats: wildlife is endangered both in the Swiss Alps and in the jungles of Borneo. That is why foundations for environmental protection also play an important role in animal welfare. Protecting the oceans, (rain)forests and landscapes is as important for their animal inhabitants as it is for humans. At the same time, a balanced biodiversity is indispensable for the preservation of biotopes. So environmental protection is also wildlife protection and vice versa. Animal welfare foundations such as the AWUNI Foundation for Animal Welfare support, for example, the establishment and operation of animal sanctuaries and nature reserves as well as research projects and public relations work.

Foundations for Farm Animals, Pets and Street Animals

Domesticated species and animals are highly dependent on humans. If they are no longer useful or have simply become a nuisance to the animal owners, they are often abandoned, taken to the animal shelter or slaughtered. Animal welfare foundations help organizations and projects provide new homes for abandoned animals, protect them from slaughter or a life on the streets. This includes the operation of animal shelters and sanctuaries, as well as animal placement services. Projects against animal cruelty, inappropriate husbandry, animal testing and animal fur can also count on the support of animal welfare foundations. Some foundations also award direct funding to individuals, such as for veterinary costs or food, to prevent pets from having to be surrendered.

For nonprofits: Collect donations online for your organization and projects or set up systematic digital fundraising.

Find Foundations for Animals and Animal Welfare Organizations at StiftungSchweiz

If you are planning an animal welfare project or are entrusted with fundraising for an animal welfare organization, you can find suitable foundations for animals in Switzerland in the foundation directory of StiftungSchweiz. The largest digital platform for philanthropy is used by project owners as well as grant giving foundations and private individuals to organize their charitable work efficiently and success-oriented. Clever search, filter and matching functions provide you with suggestions for cooperation partners that match your goals exactly. A personalized newsfeed, custom research folders, and regular posts and news make StiftungSchweiz an excellent philanthropy tool. The associated largest donation platform in Switzerland gives organizations and projects the opportunity to attract the attention of private donors and companies and to generate funds.