Christian Foundations & Church Foundations

The Christian values of charity, mercy and justice are omnipresent in the Catholic and Protestant faiths. Christian foundations in Switzerland live up to these values by supporting charitable projects. In addition to church organizations and Christian projects, nonprofit organizations without a religious connection can often receive support as long as the project goals are in line with Christian values.

Religious Foundations of the Christian Faith in Switzerland

62 percent of the inhabitants of Switzerland belong to the Catholic or Protestant Reformed Church. In addition, another six percent belong to other Christian denominations, such as the Orthodox churches. Switzerland is a Christian country, many regional and national traditions and festivals originated from Christian customs. Nevertheless, freedom of religion is enshrined in the Swiss Constitution. Members of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, other faith communities and atheists live together peacefully. Christian Foundations in Switzerland pursue Christian values and virtues, and support charitable projects that exercise service to people (diakonia) as well as charity and benevolence (caritas), promote the spread of the Christian faith (mission), and serve church institutions and tasks.

Ecclesiastical Foundations, Church Foundations & Christian Foundations

Christian foundations, ecclesiastical foundations and church foundations sound like synonyms, but behind them are different types of foundations, some of which are also legally different.

Christian foundations – this is the open generic term under which also church foundations and church foundations of the Christian faith fall. Christian foundations relate to Christianity, to the formation of values and virtues, and to the community of Christ:in.

Ecclesiastical foundations are separately regulated in some articles of the Civil Code. Since 2016, church foundations must also be entered in the commercial register. However, unlike general foundations, an ecclesiastical foundation does not require an auditor’s office and is not subject to a state supervisory authority, but to an ecclesiastical body, e.g. the church council or a diocese. A foundation qualifies as ecclesiastical by its “organic connection with a religious community.” However, this does not have to be Christian. However, these regulations only apply if the foundation has an exclusively ecclesiastical benefit. If an ecclesiastical and general public benefit are pursued at the same time, these foundations are general foundations in the legal sense. Many Christian foundations are perceived as church foundations, even though they are legally general foundations.

Church foundations are the owners of church properties in many parishes. The church, rectory or parish center belong to an ecclesiastical foundation that rents the real estate to the parish and is responsible for its maintenance.

For nonprofits: Collect donations online for your organization and projects or set up systematic digital fundraising.

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Whether your project is directly related to Christianity or indirectly eligible for funding from a Christian foundation because it shares the same values and goals: In the StiftungSchweiz Foundation Directory you will find suitable foundations. The fast and intuitive foundation search with clever search and matching functions facilitates your research, which you can conveniently save in a personal research folder and continue at a later time. The associated digital donation platform is the largest of its kind in Switzerland and gives you another way to raise funds for your organization. The StiftungSchweiz blogthe online magazine The Philanthropist as well as our extensive knowledge hub also keep you constantly informed about current developments, trends and topics from the world of philanthropy.