Foundations for Child and Youth Welfare

In Switzerland, there are several foundations that focus on children and young people. Both grant giving foundations and operating foundations, as well as project owners in child and youth welfare are represented at StiftungSchweiz and pursue a common goal: the well-being of all children on our planet.

Swiss Foundations for Child and Youth Welfare

Poverty and crises put children, young people and families at particular risk. They are disproportionately affected by violence, yet they represent the future of a community and should therefore be particularly protected and supported. Foundations for children are an important funding option for projects in child and youth welfare in Switzerland. In addition to a variety of grant giving foundations with different focuses in this area, children’s foundations in Switzerland are also operationally active, supporting and implementing aid projects themselves. In addition, foundations for children make an important contribution to lobbying and help generate public awareness of grievances and the need for action. In the StiftungSchweiz foundation directory you will find foundations in Switzerlandwhich state in their foundation purpose the support of children and young people in different ways.

Foundations for Children in Switzerland enable Projects at Home and Abroad

The fight against child labor and child poverty, help for children and families in need, schools, children’s homes and children’s hospitals, support for children who have been victims of violence or abuse as well as the prevention of such assaults: which goals the Swiss foundations for children pursue with their activities is quite individual. Some children’s foundations limit themselves to targeting support for children and youth and fund a wide variety of projects that may fall within this scope. For example the Thomi-Hopf-Stiftungwhich defines the areas of support as “Children & Young People”, “Elderly” and “Mentally Suffering”. One focus is on sanatoriums and nursing homes and projects related to the Basel/Northwestern Switzerland region; however, applicants from abroad and other projects within the funding areas are also considered.

Education for all Children and Young People with the Help of Swiss Grant Giving Foundations

High-quality, universal education is the key for children to overcome poverty and precarious conditions. Foundations for the education of children and young people support the construction and operation of schools in the global south, finance projects to promote gifted students and students with learning difficulties, and facilitate extracurricular learning projects and artistic and musical education. A children’s foundation that is completely dedicated to learning is the Barbara and Roberto Conza Foundation. It supports individuals as well as projects and institutions in the field of education with a focus on children with learning disabilities or impairments and special musical talents.

Foundations for Child and Youth Welfare in Developing Countries and Crisis Areas

In the structurally weak and poor countries of the global south, as well as in crisis and war zones, children are exposed to great stressors and dangers. These children and young people need special protection and all-round support. Many development cooperation foundations focus particularly on supporting projects for children and families. The Tauro-Stiftung focuses its funding on needy children and young people in the global South, but expands this field to include the fight against poverty and hunger as well as the improvement of medical care and research.

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Find Suitable Foundations for Children in Switzerland, Contact them and Submit Successful Grant Requests

On this page you will find a selection of foundations for children with headquarters or activity in Switzerland. You can find suitable foundations for your project or organization even more easily and efficiently with the clever search and filter functions of the StiftungSchweiz Foundation Directory. On the profile of the respective foundation you will find a description of the foundation’s purpose and funding policy as well as information on the foundation application and contact persons. Create a research folder or contact the children’s foundations you are interested in directly. StiftungSchweiz is the largest digital platform for philanthropy in Switzerland. Your personal dashboard offers you all information, news and contacts individually customized for you and at a glance. Project owners and fundraisers also have the option of using the digital StiftungSchweiz donation platform to reach private donors and companies. An extensive knowledge hub as well as the blog and online magazine “The Philanthropist” cover the most current and important topics and trends from the world of philanthropy.