Foundations for Development Aid

The challenges in the global south, in developing and emerging countries, are complex. Political and economic instability and scarcity of resources lead to poverty, crime and high mortality. Development aid foundations support the work of NGOs and projects that help people to help themselves on the ground.

Helping People Help Themselves: Foundations for Development Cooperation

In a globalized world, we have a global responsibility, many people in the industrialized nations are convinced of this. Development cooperation foundations fulfill this responsibility by supporting projects and organizations that provide concrete development aid. At the heart of these activities is the joint work of industrialized countries and countries of the global South to sustainably improve living conditions and political and economic structures. The basic idea behind development cooperation is to share resources, knowledge and technologies to support people in disadvantaged areas. The United Nations has defined the goals of development cooperation in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) summarized.

In many cases, development aid foundations limit their funding activities to specific areas of development cooperation. For example the Voit Leemann Foundationwhich supports educational programs for girls and young women in Latin America, Africa and South Asia. However, there are also foundations for development cooperation that deliberately keep their foundation purpose open in order to also be able to promote innovative ideas, such as the Pro Evolution Foundation.

Education, Health & Peace: Foundations for Projects in Africa

The African continent receives special attention in development aid. However, development cooperation in Africa is as complex and multifaceted as the conflicts, problems and cultures of the African countries. Africa is being hit particularly hard by climate change. Droughts and extreme weather events, political conflicts, and exploitative practices make it difficult for people to earn a regular income and find a sustainable path out of poverty. With the help of grant giving organizations, development projects in African countries can, for example, help to improve educational infrastructure, establish new sustainable cultivation methods for agriculture, and realize business ideas for the self-employed and small entrepreneurs.

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