ECOFIN: Independent expertise in investment matters for foundations

At ECOFIN, foundations receive support at all stages of the investment process. In particular, our experts specialize in assisting foundations with the following issues:

  • Does the foundation have the right investment strategy to achieve its funding goals?
  • Is asset management implemented in a cost-efficient manner?
  • Are there any (hidden) risks in the investments that could pose a threat to the foundation?
  • Does the foundation have a suitable investment organization?
  • Are there investment opportunities that can enhance the impact of the foundation?

ECOFIN has been supporting foundations and pension funds in all matters of investment strategy and management for more than 25 years. ECOFIN is independent and does not offer its own investment products. ECOFIN is committed only to the interest of its clients.

More information:

Alexandra Janssen,, +41 79 725 9526
Arno Grüter,