Exclusive access for SwissFoundations members

and stiftungschweiz.ch are committed to strengthening the foundation sector in Switzerland with a pioneering collaboration.

During the pilot phase which will last until the end of 2026, members of SwissFoundations will benefit from the free use of all digital tools from stiftungschweiz.ch and have the opportunity to play an active role in the further development of digital possibilities.

Take advantage of this offer and test the new digital platform.

Here’s how:
Simply select the Free level in the registration process and finish the registration. Then write to us via chat or e-mail that you would like to use the partner level as a SwissFoundations member. We will then immediately activate you for the partner level. Support is provided by the StiftungSchweiz webinar series.

SwissFoundations networks on StiftungSchweiz

Open networks:
The network “best practices for smaller foundations” provides a practical and day-to-day exchange on various challenges faced by smaller foundations.

Closed networks (for members only):
The working groups & roundtables are exclusive exchange formats for SwissFoundations members, in which they can discuss challenges and current topics, make contacts and receive further training. You are now also on the move digitally: join the working group networks on stiftungschweiz.ch to exchange ideas and network on various topics. Log in now to join the networks.

Do you have any questions about the SwissFoundations networks? Write to Rahel Staubli, Project Manager at SwissFoundations(staubli@swissfoundations.ch).

Further projects & offers

Learning Journey: “AI in Everyday Philanthropy”
Is artificial intelligence (AI) creating new rules for philanthropy? Between December 2023 and July 2024, SwissFoundations and StiftungSchweiz invite you to an AI Learning Journey with five application-oriented workshops, each built around a specific use case in philanthropy. The Learning Journey is also offered as an online track. Click here for more information.

Overview of offers for SwissFoundations members: See subscription level “Partner”

Together for a strong digital Swiss foundation sector

As the association of Swiss grant making foundations SwissFoundations creates the space of trust that is crucial for powerful digitalization and strong advocacy in the sector. StiftungSchweiz, on the other hand, contributes key competencies and a strong network in the provision of digital solutions and channels. Together, the partners able to reach the entire sector.

September 2023 saw the official launch of the cooperation between SwissFoundations and StiftungSchweiz. Within this framework, the digital possibilities of philanthropy will be explored, taking into account the needs and feedback of SwissFoundations members.