Geneva Centre for Philanthropy

The Geneva Centre for Philanthropy (GCP) at the University of Geneva is located at one of the most important global hubs of philanthropy. It takes a multidisciplinary approach and interacts directly with the various faculties of the university. Its mission covers teaching, research and publication, but also includes events open to the public.

The center also includes the Behavioral Philanthropy Lab, which studies social decision-making behavior and philanthropic activity, drawing on methods from fields such as consumer behavior and cognitive psychology.

The GCP also highlights the role of artificial intelligence (AI) for philanthropy. The project, led by Prof. Giuseppe Ugazio, explores how philanthropic organizations can use AI in ethical and inclusive ways to improve their governance, organizational and content development, data-driven decision making, and impact measurement.

More information:

Tel: + 41 22 379 76 18,

Together with our partners, we organise webinars and trainings. Please find the current programme here.