Creating trust and transparency: The funding history for nonprofits

Even in the digital age, trust is the key to success in philanthropy. This starts with transparent information and an enriched profile. The new funding history feature on stiftungschweiz.ch is an important addition to this – a milestone for nonprofits and funders alike.

For charitable organizations, past successes and support are not just historical data, but a kind of seal of quality. They show that an organization not only knows how to forge visions, but also how to implement them successfully. This is exactly where the new feature comes in: Nonprofits can now fully document their funding history – a clear advantage when it comes to convincing potential funders in the future.

A tool for informed decisions

However, the new feature not only serves as an anchor of trust, but also as a crucial tool for the Pro level of the platform. By integrating the funding history into the algorithmic recommendations, the platform’s recommendations on potential funding organizations or interesting projects become more precise. In other words, artificial intelligence analyzes previous funding partnerships and derives recommendations for future partnerships. A win-win situation: nonprofits find suitable funders more easily, and vice versa.

At the same time, the transparent presentation of past successes also facilitates due diligence for future supporters. As a clear tool, it provides a solid point of reference for evaluating the project. After all, if a funder is also focussing on the impact of a potential project, they must also keep an eye on reputational risks and compliance rules – a disclosure of this kind is particularly valuable for these tasks.

The user perspective: simplicity and effectiveness

The funding history fits seamlessly into the existing structures of the platform. Whether in relation to a specific project or the organization as a whole, users benefit from an intuitive link to existing profiles.

From the user’s point of view, logging the funding history is user-friendly and intuitive. A few clicks are all it takes for the organization to present itself in a trustworthy light to potential funders. This saves time and allows nonprofits to focus on the essentials: their work with Impact.

Discussions with nonprofits and funders show: Both have a great interest in a clear funding history. “We used to have to painstakingly gather information about previous support; now we can see the entire history at a glance – that creates trust,” says a representative of a larger grant-giving foundation. But viewing the funding history of other organizations is also a valuable tool for nonprofits. “It helps us to understand what kind of projects a funder supports,” we hear from nonprofits.

The funding history feature of stiftungschweiz.ch is an important functional extension – it is a strategic tool that supports nonprofits in documenting their development in a credible and transparent manner and helps funders to quickly gain an overview of a potential funding partner. However, the new feature is just the beginning: it will soon be possible for funders to confirm the logged grants in order to lend even more weight to the funding history and further strengthen the credibility of the nonprofits.

In addition, it is planned that the funding data will be incorporated even more intensively into fundraising. StiftungSchweiz’s vision is clear: to increase efficiency in the philanthropic sector through networking and technological support, thereby maximizing the impact of charitable initiatives.

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