Top or Flop? In the AI Sandbox, the Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating

Artificial intelligence is on the rise and LLMs in particular, the large language models, are currently turning all industries upside down. What does this mean for philanthropy? With our AI in Everyday Philanthropy initiative, we want to find out, not just theoretically, but through practical experiments. While the Learning Journey offers a guided introduction and active participation, with the Sandbox we offer our users an independent field of experimentation.

With the unstoppable rise of artificial intelligence (AI), philanthropy is also facing new challenges and opportunities – and the question of how AI can be used responsibly and effectively in philanthropy. The initiative aims not only to explore this potential in theory, but also to actively put it into practice.

The Learning Journey provides guided access to the world of artificial intelligence in philanthropy. With a live track that has already started and an online track that will begin on March 1, 2024, participants will have the opportunity to dive deep into the topic. We are developing the diverse areas of application of AI in philanthropy together and step by step. In doing so, we share knowledge, develop practical skills and innovative ideas for the future of philanthropy. We cordially invite you to register and become part of this exciting journey. The online track still has a few spaces available and registration is still open.

A Playground for Artificial Intelligence in Philanthropy

Unlike the Learning Journey, you use our sandbox independently. In the world of IT, a sandbox is an environment in which you can test as you please without causing any damage. Here, the joy of experimentation is a top priority, allowing people to try things out and explore their potential. But errors and critical side effects also become visible in a sandbox in a protected environment. Just as in the IT world, we want to take a similar approach to philanthropy in order to gradually explore the full potential of artificial intelligence.

New function: summarize PDFs

Our sandbox therefore offers users the opportunity to experiment independently with AI technologies and follow their own curiosity in a protected environment. In short, it is the place where creativity and AI meet. As part of the initiative, we will continuously expand the sandbox and at the same time integrate the first stable functions into the platform. These will be available to users from the Pro level upwards.

Brevity is the Spice of Life

The sandbox is currently the first function to support the uploading and merging of PDF and Word documents. The content of a PDF is extracted, made readable for the AI and then analyzed and summarized.

Because: summarizing is not only one of the 6 clear strengths of LLMs (more on this soon in the blog), but also a frequent activity in philanthropy. Extensive applications or project documents must be summarized in a few sentences before a decision meeting, reports should be to the point and reduced to the most important findings. In short, if AI supports us in summarizing in the future, we will gain more time for interpersonal exchange.

In the first quarter of next year, we will continue to develop the sandbox and add new functions. To use it in future, you will need a starter account at stiftungschweiz.ch. Do you have any questions about the sandbox? Use the chat at the bottom right (three dots).

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