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Empowerment through Trainings: New Essentials and Bootcamps

In order to provide even more targeted support to nonprofits and funders, we have revised our training courses and organized them in the Essentials and Bootcamp formats. They have been developed by experts and practitioners in cooperation with over 20 partner organizations from the sector.

Our Essentials are now free of charge, but require Starter access. Online and in a compact 60 minutes, they provide essential knowledge, for example on effective online presence for nonprofits or as a checkpoint for fundraising. The “Digital Philanthropy” Essential, which we are presenting together with SwissFoundations, is aimed at funders.

The Essentials are supplemented by our one-day Bootcamps , which are available on site in Basel or via livestream. As in-depth events, they combine specialist input with interactive elements and practical applications in order to directly implement what has been learned (see bootcamp on compliance below).

Our training courses cover a wide range of topics, from fundraising and promotion to finance – always with a focus on current challenges and needs in the everyday life of the nonprofit sector. A detailed presentation of all training courses will be published in a special newsletter at the end of May. Stay tuned.

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