Swiss Generosity Index

This market study survey intends to serve as a generosity index. It will provide generosity statistics and insights on how Swiss grant-making foundations can help “international fundraising efforts”.

Most Nonprofit-Organizations operating abroad would ask the same questions:

  • How do Swiss grant-making foundations operate on the international level with Nonprofit-Organizations?
  • What are the opportunities for Nonprofits to request funds from the Swiss grant-making foundations?
  • What is the range of generosity in volume, that the Swiss grant-making foundations are willing to reach in terms of funding Nonprofit-Organizations operating abroad?
  • Do Swiss grant-making foundations fund Nonprofit-Organizations directly or through third parties?
  • What are the aims that Swiss grant-making foundations pursue in supporting Nonprofit-Organizations operating abroad?

This initiative will provide insights and better comprehension on how Swiss grant-making foundations can help “international fundraising efforts” to Nonprofit Organizations operating abroad and with their projects.

The scope of this generosity index is to “get the ball rolling” on:

  • Introducing the subject of “Swiss Generosity Abroad” and, in so doing, encouraging Swiss grant-making foundations to share best practices with the Nonprofit-Organizations.
  • Making philanthropic work more efficient, transparent and enhancing a dialogue between Swiss grant-making foundations and Nonprofit-Organizations. Our next step should be to produce a second edition; expanding our questionnaire, the number of participants (in particular French speaking ) and provide more accurate data.

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