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Our offer: Get started now with Free, Starter, Pro or Partner

Together, we are driving positive change in our society. Through stiftungschweiz.ch, we offer a holistic platform that provides relevant information, digital tools and support services for nonprofits, funders and experts. Our goal is to facilitate collaboration between stakeholders and make it more effective.

More options for the same price

The new offering model provides solutions that meet individual needs and budgets. With the introduction of the Free level, you create a new free portrait of your organization and related projects, you explore the platform and can get an idea of the functionalities and convince yourself. We are particularly proud of our new, accompanied Starter offer, which introduces and supports you step by step in the world of digital philanthropy. Discover how to make the most of the platform with the help of the interactive navigator.

The four levels at a glance

The heart of stiftungschweiz.ch is the cleverly structured directory of non-profit Switzerland with funding organizations, non-profit organizations and projects. It forms the basis for our core offering, which includes research, networking, donations and solicitations. We also offer a range of extras such as services, webinars and publications. They provide individual supplementation through targeted empowerment, custom-fit support and comprehensibly prepared know-how.

All in: The four usage levels. You will find the detailed offer on our pricing page from September 6.

Level Free: Discover and try out

Create your profile, explore our directory and use targeted individual solutions. As a nonprofit, you can present your commitments and showcase current projects. Funders have the opportunity to show specifically which projects they would like to support. Experts use the directory to get an overview of the activities of nonprofits and funders.

Level Starter: Step by step forward

Begin your journey into digital philanthropy. With our accompanied starter offer, you will be systematically introduced to the world of digital philanthropy. Use our research without restrictions and join public networks to maximize your impact. If you are a tax-exempt non-profit organization, you can also design your presence on our donation platform from this level if you wish.

Level Pro: Use advanced capabilities

Leverage advanced capabilities and key features to make an even bigger impact in digital philanthropy. Clever research tools like smart lists help you stay on top of your game and seize opportunities when they arise. From targeted network building in your own topics to diverse donation solutions – at this level, the doors are open to you.

Partner level: Active participation and networking

Actively shape digital philanthropy. As a partner, you can use the platform to its full extent. Let our simple application management support you in your own funding activities. As a partner, you can also offer your own content. All partner offers are carefully checked by StiftungSchweiz with regard to quality and added value for users. Only StiftungSchweiz decides about an admission.

With the four levels Free, Starter, Pro and Partner, we are radically simplifying the existing offering. At the same time, we have developed a tool called the “Navigator” to help you find the right level for you.

It’s very simple: You select a group (Nonprofits, Funders or Experts), a level (Free, Starter, Pro or Partner) as well as one of the core services of stiftungschweiz.ch in the navigation wheel – and you can see at a glance which tools and features you can use at the corresponding level. If you move the slider one step higher or lower, the overview adjusts automatically. And if you still have unanswered questions: we are there for you on the chat every day.

For Nonprofits, Funders and Experts: A Platform that Suits Everyone

Our new offering appeals to nonprofits, funders and experts alike. Nonprofits benefit from modern fundraising methods. Funders build networks and actively shape philanthropy. Experts, whether as an individual or representative:in an authority or company, also provide targeted support to organizations and projects.

One thing is certain: if we join forces and network, we can achieve great things together by using diverse solutions. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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